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In key sectors of our society, individuals and groups are systematically and systemically denied the economic and social equities necessary to live meaningful, rewarding and contributory lives.




To experience a world in which all individuals, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, creed, personal history, education, economic context, or social status enjoy the equitable opportunity and the support to cope, heal and flourish to their fullest potential. To rejoice in a world where all people live free of conflict over race, ethnicity, gender, disability, religion, and sexual orientation. A world where differences are celebrated and humanity is the uniting theme.




In pursuit of our Visionary Dream, through our partner organization MBACG, we provide seasoned business growth, governance, and social impact consulting to social entrepreneurs and mission-driven organizations facing barriers to growth.  Founded and led by business leaders and subject matter experts who themselves have been underserved or underrepresented in similar pursuits, our team is particularly committed to serving those businesses with whom we share a guiding mission to engender profound, vibrant change in our communities and our world.  We are dedicated to providing aspiring and emerging social enterprise leaders with personalized guidance, compassionate mentoring, and strategic insights that are crucial, but often unavailable, to nontraditional business leaders.


Fiscal Sponsorship Program:  Many of the social ventures which we support, while not incorporated as public charities themselves, are entirely devoted to serving the needs of the community.  This work has inspired tremendous gratitude and engagement from members of the community.  As a fiscally-sponsored program of Haven of Hope, these social ventures have access to donations from members of the community interested in financially supporting the work of the venture.

Business Incubator/Accelerator Program:  Many of our fiscally sponsored projects and client organizations also participate in our Business Incubator/Accelerator program.  Through this program we provide intensive, long-term business advisory services to support all aspects of business growth, governance, and competitive positioning.

Community-Based Research:  Haven of Hope helps its diverse client roster of financial institutions, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, universities, and corporations center on the experiences and needs of their constituents through Community-Based Participatory Action Research and innovative data science.


Earning the Trust of those we serve in our fight for Fairness and Equity.

Addressing each challenge with Honesty, Diligence and Belief.

Facing uncertainty with Hope and Integrity.

Serving with Empathy, Compassion and Caring.

Treating those we serve with utmost Respect.

Carrying ourselves with Warm Dignity.



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